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Especially nurturing for women, at any stage in their life.

Helping you to be truly "in your body", these treatments work on a genuinely holistic level, helping to balance your energy, as well as easing aches and pains and helping you to relax.  I am really passionate about you leaving afterwards feeling amazing and truly embodied.

Treatments are held in Oakley and Wilstead, near Bedford.  

1 hour sessions are £55

2 hour sessions are £95

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Thai Yoga Massage - 2 hours

Known as a "physical act of loving kindness", this is a floor-based, whole body massage.  It works on energy lines as well as working deeply into easing muscular tension, and mobilising joints with massage, squeezes, yoga based stretches and movements, while you remain clothed and passive.

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Pregnancy Massage- 2 hours

My unique Pregnancy Nurture Treatment combines Thai Yoga Massage adapted for Pregnancy, with Indian Head Massage, Rebozo massage and Reiki.   There's gentle movements and stretches as well as massage, helping you to feel more comfortable, supported and nurtured through this special time.

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Postnatal Massage - 2 hours

This unique, nurturing treatment brings together wonderful aspects of Thai Massage, Indian Head, Rebozo and Reiki, also incorporating Closing The Bones to bring physical, emotional and energetic closure following birth.  A beautifully restorative oily pelvic and abdominal massage then wrapping in relaxation.

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Indian Head Massage - 1 hour

This stress-relieving treatment works wonders on stiffness and tension from the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. 

Oil nourishes skin and hair, promoting growth and healthy cells, whilst acupressure points and gentle stretches increase energy and relaxation.

Can be combined with Thai Hands and Feet Massage or Reiki for a 2-hour treatment

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Thai Foot Massage - 1 hour

The ultimate in relaxation, Thai Foot Massage incorporates oily massage of the hands, as well as movements and stretches for the arms and legs.  Using acupressure points too, it is deeply restorative and relaxing.  A facial  and neck massage can also be included., to go that one step beyond relaxing!

Can be combined with Indian Head Massage or Reiki for a 2-hour treatment

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Reiki - 1 hour

Reiki is a wonderful energy balancing technique which works with your chakras and energy field.  it helps to  bring about  healing on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level.  Non-invasive & restorative,  As a spiritual coach I also use extra energy balancing techniques.

Can be combined with Thai Hands and Feet Massage or Indian Head Massage for a 2-hour treatment

Please contact me if you cannot find a date and time to suit -

we may be able to sort another time out

"I can honestly say, I have NEVER felt that relaxed before in my life" - Helen

"I had the most amazing Thai massage with Pippa this morning. It was such an inviting and relaxed environment, and I instantly fell into the massage bed. I appreciated how much time was taken with every area of my body, especially my shoulders and chest area where I tend to be very tight, and Pippa regularly checked to see if I wanted lighter or harder touch/pressure. I left feeling like jelly and completely blissed out. Looking forward to another treatment! Thanks Pippa!" - J'Nel

Hand Massage

"Pippa, you are a miracle worker - my shoulder is totally better!  Maybe using your toes worked, plus just you lovely, calming presence.  Whatever it was, I'm so grateful!  Thank you.  I'll definitely be back to see you soon" - Lauren


"I had a wonderful combined treatment of Thai Foot Massage and Reiki, and instantly felt relaxation and I felt so grounded, and also like I was walking on air for two days afterwards!" - Helen

"It was my first time having Thai Yoga Massage. I really enjoyed it, it was so varied. A beautiful combination of supportive stretches, effective pressure and relaxation. It is quite unique.  I liked the length of 2 hours! What a treat. Often in a shorter massage my mind is always wondering when it will end but I felt I could really let go in knowing it was ample time.  I really felt confidently supported and held."  - Rosie

"I really look forward to my treatments; they remind me how beneficial a regular dose of nurturing helps me to relax and feel grounded, thank you"  - Kate

"Just had my first Reiki experience with lovely Pippa and it was amazing. I slept deeply and soundly afterwards and felt a new positive focus. Fully recommend to anyone with an open mind, you won’t regret it!" - Kate

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Wow this reiki session was the start of me really going to work on the inside after having a keen interest in personal development and healing for some time, it was a powerful experience. Not long after I made a big decision to move away and make a fresh start, I never could have realised then just how right that decision was going to be!  Thank you for that part in my journey Pippa" - Sarah

"Pip's Postnatal Nurture Treatment with Thai Yoga Massage - it was brilliant!!   I felt so relaxed afterwards, and all the aches and pains I seem to have developed since becoming a mummy felt so much better! I much preferred the interactivity of this treatment compared to a passive, oily massage. I will definitely be going back for more and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone else who is feeling the need for a good whole body re-set!" - Sarah

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I had three treatments with Pippa during my third trimester and all were incredible. Across the three, I had combinations of Indian head massage, shoulders, back and neck massage, facial massage, full body Thai massage and reiki - Pippa is multi-talented! I left each time feeling nurtured, warm and fuzzy. Her treatments are a proper treat at any time but particularly during pregnancy when rest and relaxation is so needed.

As well as these, my husband and I also had a Rebozo session with Pippa. Learning how to use this scarf to alleviate some of my pregnancy aches and pains was really helpful and it also gave my husband a lovely way to help me carry some of the weight of our little one.

I'd really recommend her :) - Laura

"Thank you to Pippa, for a shoulder, neck, head and face massage that was so relaxing after suffering from stiff, achy muscles from breast feeding my baby son. Pippa offered to watch me feed and helped adjust my positioning too which was fantastically helpful. I would definitely recommend the massage to any mummy's that are feeling the physical strain of breast feeding or any other activity that leaves you feeling tight and achy."  - Sian

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Pippa's treatments are incredible!

I have had both the Indian Head Massage and Closing The Bones ceremony, and both were highly therapeutic, beneficial and excellent value for money. - Natalie