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Baby Massage Bedford

Babies most developed senses at birth are touch and movement, and they thrive on loving touch and interaction.   Massaging your baby is a way to continue some of the sensations and nurturing they received whilst in the womb, whilst helping them to develop in the outside world.

Massage positively effects the nervous system so your baby's brain development and emotional health will benefit.   Baby massage reduces stress which benefits both you and your baby, and can reduce the risk of postnatal depression, with the release of the love hormone, oxytocin.

Baby Massage Bedford sessions include:

  • practise holding positions and movements to soothe your baby

  • learn techniques to help ease symptoms of colic and discomfort

  • learn how massage and loving touch increases the bond between you both

  • massage helps stimulate the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems

  • develop your baby's flexibility, strength, confidence (and as they grow older, indepenence)

  • tune in to your baby's body language and communication cues

  • provide good postures to help your baby develop muscle tone and balance for head support, sitting, crawling and standing!

  • we learn to use instinctive massage strokes and be responsive to babies needs

  • chat to other mums and an experienced postnatal teacher and doula over refreshing herbal tea

  • a safe space to just "be" with your baby in a relaxed, supportive and non-judgemental environment

Baby Massage is incorporated into Postnatal Yoga and Wellbeing.

I took my daughter to a course of Baby Massage with Pippa and absolutely loved finding a new connection with her.

I could see immediately the benefits through the development of her strength and mobility.

It was also very relaxing and just what was needed in the early months when things were a bit hectic at home. - Emily

Baby's Grasp

My baby and I absolutely loved Baby Massage with Pippa.  It helped to settle him when he was small and collicky, and helped me feel more more relaxed and confident with holding and soothing him.  Then, as the weeks and months went by, the movements became more playful within the massage and my son got so excited when he arrived for the sessions, and interacting with the other babies. He always slept so peacefully afterwards though. Fond memories.  I would definitely recommend to other mums - Penny